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About us

Jordan’s Corner is Arizona’s first indoor play space intentionally designed to encourage multiple types of open-ended, inclusive play for children ages six and younger. With over 2,800 square feet of air-conditioned purposeful play areas, children can safely explore this space along with parents, caregivers, and other children. Our play space is a unique mix of playground, toy room, and classroom - intentionally designed to encourage fine motor, gross motor, cooperative, and independent play for children of all abilities. 

Family owned and operated, Jordan’s Corner has become a home away from home for many local families to learn, play, and grow together. To prioritize caregiver comfort, we have created comfortable seating for adults to rest and gather, too. The play space has an open layout, so each child can be seen from every corner of the room. With restrooms and exits securely gated off, caregivers can relax while their children engage in play with their peers.


Why is Jordan’s Corner different from other play spaces?

There are multiple types of play available for your child to choose: sensory, dramatic, constructive, exploratory, and physical. Our indoor swing, interactive walls, and wooden climbers allow children to use gross and fine motor skills inside a cushioned, climate controlled environment. 

Our toys are always stored “out in the open” so children can clearly see their options. This Montessori-type approach is what allows us to create a yes space, where little ones are encouraged to explore and play in their own special way.

We understand that each child is at their own stage of developing social-emotional, verbal, and physical skills. Our goal is to create a safe place where children can practice new skills, even if they make mistakes - because that is a learning activity, too!

Aside from regular open-ended play time, we also offer classes led by local educators for all ages of children and their caregivers to enjoy together. From musical story time to character meet and greets, there is always something exciting planned on the weekday calendar!

Our exceptionally safe flooring is another feature that makes Jordan’s Corner stand out. Our floors are made from incredibly durable and cushioned material to ensure the safety of our little ones and their families. We spent countless hours researching and working with professionals to create these incredibly unique floors. To protect the integrity of our hardworking team, we can’t share how the floors are made, but rest assured that you and your loved ones can enjoy the play space at Jordan’s Corner for years to come!

Jordan’s Corner Core Values and Expectations

To maintain the integrity of our play space, we ask everyone to abide by these principles while enjoying Jordan’s Corner:

  • Respect all children, families, caregivers, and staff.

  • Be kind, considerate, and understanding.

  • Allow children to make mistakes and try new things with grace.

  • Acknowledge that children will not behave perfectly all the time - that is ok in this safe space.

  • Approach each situation with patience and empathy.

  • Build community, have fun, and make memories!

Meet The Creator

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     Janell is a mom, wife, registered nurse, and Founder of Jordan’s Corner. While navigating daily life with two kids under two, Janell noticed the need for a play place specifically geared towards babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. She longed for somewhere that her younger kids could freely play and explore without the hazards or harsh heat of a traditional playground. Her children were also enrolled in speech, occupational, and physical therapies at various times. She knew she could not be the only mama wishing for a inclusive place for her little ones to work on their therapy goals and make friends beyond her own living room.

That’s why Janell dreamed up Jordan’s Corner: an indoor play space for children in infancy up to 6 years of age to engage in open-ended play and socialize with other children. Using her knowledge of child development from nursing and her own children’s therapy sessions, Janell researched and designed this play space to serve the Scottsdale community. She believed so strongly in this mission that she spent 2 consecutive months away from her family as a FEMA travel nurse to fund Jordan’s Corner. This labor of love is now the go-to indoor play space in the East Valley, serving hundreds of families each year.


Janell Panicko, RN, BSN | Owner of Jordan’s Corner

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