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Have a question? We have answers. 

Jordan’s Corner Expectations

To maintain the integrity of our play space, we ask everyone to abide by these principles while enjoying Jordan’s Corner:

  • Respect all children, families, caregivers, and staff.

  • Be kind, considerate, and understanding.

  • Allow children to make mistakes, possibly get a little messy, and try new things with grace.

  • Acknowledge that children will not behave perfectly all the time - that is ok in this safe space.

  • Approach each situation with patience and empathy.

  • Please NO tree nuts or peanuts. 

  • Build community, have fun, and make memories!


  • What kind of activities and equipment are offered at Jordan’s Corner?

Our indoor playspace includes an indoor swing, wooden climbing structures, Montessori works,  interactive walls, sensory bins and activities, imaginative play, soft play, a car table, an art station, 

Most weekdays, we have a special class or activity for children to enjoy with their parent or caregiver. Some of our regular events are musical story time, themed sensory activities, character meet and greets, and cooking corner. (Scroll down further to read more about our classes!) At special times throughout the year, we also have special ticketed events such as Princess Camp and character events. 

  • Are you a daycare? 

No. We currently do not have any play times or classes that provide child supervision. Our play space is designed for parents and caregivers to engage with their children in play and supervise their children while they play independently or with others.

  • Can older children go into the play space? 

Yes, children over 6 years old are welcome to be helpers! However, as a safety measure, they are not allowed on our equipment.

  •  Do I need to sign a waiver? 

Yes, it is mandatory that anyone entering the play space signs a waiver. To streamline this process, we utilize an automated system called Kidcheck. We can help you create an account for each child when you arrive or you can click here to create an account from home.

  • What is KidCheck?

KidCheck is our online check-in system. It allows us to securely store your profile so you can quickly and easily sign in for each visit. Click here to create or view your account.

  • Do you have to become a member to use the play space? 

No, you can choose to purchase play time by the hour or become a member to have unlimited weekday play throughout the month. It is totally your choice! Click here to check out our current rates.

  • Do you allow walk-ins?

Sure! You do not need to have a reservation to play. Reservations are only required for classes and private events.

  •  Are socks required? 

Yes, as a safety measure socks are required for all adults and children. If you are concerned about the use of braces, potential sensory processing circumstances, or other accommodations please speak to a member of our team. We are an inclusive environment and value the unique needs of your little one!

  • Are grip socks required? 

No, but they are highly recommended to help prevent slipping as children climb our equipment.

  • Is outside food allowed? 

Yes, however, to be conscious of severe allergies we do not allow peanuts or tree nuts. 

Are you able to tell us where all your equipment is from? 

To protect the integrity of our business research and development, we cannot disclose our vendors for flooring, large imported equipment, or the unique use of our space. 

Private Events & Birthdays

  • Do you offer birthday parties during the week? 

Unfortunately no, we cannot accommodate weekday parties. Let’s schedule for a weekend instead!

  • Is the facility closed to the public? 

Yes, during a party or event, the play space is specially reserved for you and your guests.

Is décor or food included? 

No, but you are welcome to bring your own.

  • What party supply store or food options are nearby?

 Party City and two pizza restaurants are within walking distance of Jordan’s Corner. Ice cream can also be purchased at multiple locations within our shopping complex.

Can we bring outside vendors? 

Yes! Please discuss this when booking your party so we are all on the same page.

  • Do you provide vendor coordination? 

No, however, we can connect with a RAD event coordinator. We know many. 

Are there food restrictions? 

No, during private events there are no food restrictions.

  • Are my guests required to submit a waiver? 

Yes, all guests must submit a waiver in order to attend your event.

Are socks required for private events? 

Yes, in order to maintain the integrity of our super safe flooring, socks are required for all guests during an event.

  • Do you have onsite fridge storage? 

We have a small fridge that can accommodate cake, but not drinks. We recommend bringing an ice chest to keep your drinks chilled.

  • Do you provide seating? 

Yes, we do! We have seating for up to 40 kids and 18 adults, including some comfy couches.

Inclusive Environment

What does “inclusive” or “inclusion” mean?

According to the Arizona Department of Education, inclusion means "including children with disabilities…together with their peers without disabilities”. We have created an inclusive environment so that all children can enjoy our space and have experiences playing with other children who may be different from them in various ways. At Jordan’s Corner, we value what makes each child unique and believe this teaches our little ones the essentials of compassion and understanding from a young age.

Does my child need to have a disability to play at Jordan's Corner? 

No, any child can play if they are 6 years old or younger!


What if the music is too loud for my child? 

Please let us know, we can easily turn off the music and have noise-canceling headphones available in the play space as well.

I want to visit Jordan’s Corner, but I may need accommodations. Is that possible? 

We are all about accommodations! If your child needs noise-canceling headphones, a vest, adjusted lighting, or something else please let us know and we will do our best to make it happen. It is our joy to create a space that allows your little one to play freely and happily!

Are you an approved ESA provider? 

No, not at this time.


What age group are your classes designed for?

Classes are designed to allow children of all ages to engage and participate along with their parent or caregiver! We require adults to participate along with their children to provide the assistance and support that their child needs. 

For example, our Cooking Corner is a fun opportunity for babies to try new food while watching mom prep. In the same class, older children may be able to use cooking utensils with some level of guidance, depending on their fine motor skills.

Hours of Operation

When is Jordan’s Corner open for play?

We are open Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm. Please check our schedule for holiday, Saturday, and Sunday hours as weekend hours and special event closures fluctuate each week.



What’s included in a membership?

  • Unlimited weekday play: 9am - 6pm, play as long and as often as you’d like!

  • Limited weekend hours as availability allows (check the weekend schedule here)

  • All regular classes are included (this only excludes therapy-led classes and camps)

  • One buddy pass each month to bring a friend!

How much is a membership?

  • $100 + tax / monthly Individual Membership (1 child)

  • $175 + tax /monthly Family Pass (All siblings 6 years and under in 1 family)

Can friends or cousins share passes? 

No, to keep things simple, we only allow siblings to share a family pass.

What if I have a foster child? 

Please contact us at so we can accommodate you!

Allergy Awareness 

Can we bring peanut butter? 

  • No, We are a tree nut and peanut free facility. Please let us know immediately if you see this. Parents will be ask immediately to toss the snack. 

Do you provide dairy free snacks? 

  • Yes, we do! We also provide gluten free snacks.

Are there snacks allowed in the play space?

  • No, snacks are not allowed in the play space. We do this to  ensure an allergy safe environment.

Do you allow drinks in the play space?

  • Yes, we allow drinks in the play space. 

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