Our mission

To provide an indoor, inclusive environment for all children - infancy to 6 years old - to thrive, grow, and engage with one another in purposeful play. 

Come join us at Jordan's Corner!

About Us


At Jordan's Corner we offer sensory play, swings, Montessori climbers, soft play, interactive walls, an art and cars table, and so much more. Each day we offer different activities led by a staff member to help engage the children in a purposeful play experience.  During the week, your children will have the opportunity to meet &  greet princesses, play with sensory bins, story time, and so much more.  Parent comfort is a priority for us. Parents have multiple spots to rest, complimentary phone chargers to check out, access to coffee and clean meals, and a open layout, so each child can be seen from every corner of the room. Our design allows for parents to relax and for children to engage and play. 

Jordan's Corner is Arizona's first inclusive, indoor play place for children under the age of 6. Our play place provides access and encourages inclusive play between children of all abilities. Inclusive play brings all children together, reduces bullying, encourages the development of empathy, and stimulates creativity. Jordan's Corner is over 2,800 sf of purposeful play. 


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